Change the behaviour of xstyled's primitives.

Transformers are an advanced feature of styled that give you the opportunity to configure the underlayer of the system.

Use rem as default unit

Using rem is always better for accessibility, but it is very hard to implement a complete design using rem unit because most of design tools are not ready for it. For example, Sketch displays pixels instead of rem.

xstyled solves this problem by automatically transforming your px into rem. It uses a base of 1rem = 16px, the default on modern browsers.

To use rem instead of px, configure transformers in your theme. All unitless properties will be transformed into rem instead of px.

import styled, { x, ThemeProvider, rpxTransformers } from '@xstyled/...' const theme = { transformers: { ...rpxTransformers, }, } const Title = styled.h1` font-size: 20; ` export default () => ( <ThemeProvider theme={theme}> <Title>Hello</Title> <x.div m={16} /> </ThemeProvider> ) // The style of the `Title` will be `font-size: 1.25rem` instead of `font-size: 20px`. // The style of the `Box` will be `margin: 1rem` instead of `margin: 16px`.

If you want to use px again, just specify it as string: font-size: 12px.

Change the default ratio

By default, xstyled uses the default value of 1rem = 16px. It is the default base root font size in all browsers. You can configure it in theme.settings.rootFontSize.

export const theme = { settings: { // <x.div m={20} /> will be transformed to <x.div m="1rem" /> rootFontSize: 20, }, }

Use custom transformers

All theme getters are configurable through transformers. You can for example write a transformers that transforms colors on the fly.

import styled, { ThemeProvider } from '@xstyled/styled-components' import { lighten } from 'polished' const theme = { transformers: { color: (value) => { const matches = value.match(/(.*)\.light/) if (!matches) return value return lighten(0.2, matches[1]) }, }, } export default () => ( <ThemeProvider theme={theme}> <Box backgroundColor="black.light" /> </ThemeProvider> ) // The background of the box will be "black" lightened with 0.2
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