Utilities for animating elements with CSS animations.

React propsCSS Properties
animation={animation}animation: {animation};


Add the animation="spin" utility to add a linear spin animation to elements like loading indicators.

<x.button type="button" bg="rose-600" disabled> <x.svg viewBox="0 0 24 24" animation="spin"> {/* ... */} </x.svg> Processing </x.button>


Add the animation="ping" utility to make an element scale and fade like a radar ping or ripple of water — useful for things like notification badges.

<x.span display="flex" w={3} h={3}> <x.span animation="ping" position="absolute" display="inline-flex" w={1} h={1} borderRadius="full" bg="purple-400" opacity={0.75} /> <x.span position="relative" display="inline-flex" borderRadius="full" h={3} w={3} bg="purple-500" /> </x.span>


Add the animation="pulse" utility to make an element gently fade in and out — useful for things like skeleton loaders.

<x.div border borderColor="light-blue-300" boxShadow borderRadius="md" p={4} maxWidth="sm" w={1} mx="auto" > <x.div animation="pulse" display="flex" spaceX={4}> <x.div borderRadius="full" bg="light-blue-400" w={12} h={12} /> <x.div flex="1" spaceY={4} py={1}> <x.div h={4} bg="light-blue-400" borderRadius w={3 / 4} /> <x.div spaceY={2}> <x.div h={4} bg="light-blue-400" borderRadius /> <x.div h={4} bg="light-blue-400" borderRadius w={5 / 6} /> </x.div> </x.div> </x.div> </x.div>


Add the animation="bounce" utility to make an element bounce up and down — useful for things like "scroll down" indicators.

<x.svg animation="bounce" w={6} h={6}> {/* ... */} </x.div>


You can conditionally apply animations and transitions using the motionSafe and motionReduce states:

<x.button type="button" bg="indigo-600" disabled> <x.svg animation={{ motionSafe: 'spin' }} h={5} w={5} mr={3} viewBox="0 0 24 24" > {/* ... */} </x.svg> Processing </x.button>


To change or disable an animation at a specific breakpoint, use responsive object notation. For example, adding the property animation={{ md: "spin" }} to an element would apply the animation="spin" utility at medium screen sizes and above.

<x.div animation={{ md: 'spin' }} />

For more information about xstyled's responsive design features, check out Responsive Design documentation.



Animations by their very nature tend to be highly project-specific. The animations we include by default are best thought of as helpful examples, and you're encouraged to customize your animations to better suit your needs.

By default xstyled provides utilities for four different example animations. You change, add, or remove these by customizing the animation section of your theme configuration.

Note that animations keyframes have to be declared globally. Default animations provided by xstyled are declared in preflight and are prefixed by x-.

// theme.js export const theme = { animations: { // ... 'spin-slow': 'x-spin 3s linear infinite', }, }

If you don't want to customize it, a set of animations is already defined in default theme:

const defaultTheme = { // ... animations: { spin: 'x-spin 1s linear infinite', ping: 'x-ping 1s cubic-bezier(0, 0, 0.2, 1) infinite', pulse: 'x-pulse 2s cubic-bezier(0.4, 0, 0.6, 1) infinite', bounce: 'x-bounce 1s infinite', }, }

Styled bindings


Using xstyled's styled, all animations defined are automatically bound to animation attribute:

import styled from '@xstyled/...' const Button = styled.button` animation: ping; `

To learn more about styled syntax, read styled syntax documentation.


It is possible to manually bind a animation property using th.animation utility:

import styled from '...' import { th } from '@xstyled/...' const Button = styled.button` animation: ${th.animation('ping')}; `


Get a animation property in any component using useAnimation hook:

import { useAnimation } from '@xstyled/...' function Button() { const animation = useAnimation('ping') }
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